Monday, September 13, 2010

So you know how I went to China - well, I imagined China like just another country kind of like maybe America. Well when I got here, I definitely proved myself wrong! It was so much different - totally not what I expected. So, you step outside and pretty much get blasted with hot air. The sites are pretty cool, but down in the city it's a little different. There are tropical trees, stores like so close to our apartment it's unimaginable. It's so sad how you see so many stray cats and dogs. I mean I expected probably a couple, but wherever you walk you see one stray cat or dog.
A couple of weeks ago we climbed a mountain. It was stairs, not just a normal path - stairs! The whole way up! It was so tiring but th
e views were amazing.

Overall, China is a pretty interesting country. Pretty soon we're taking this awesome trip to Yangshuo, a beautiful mountain village. There's kayaking, b
iking and swimming and we'll have our own huge cabin with an upstairs. I'll definitely post some pictures so be expecting some.

For now, here are some pictures that me, E
mma and my Mom have been taking.