Monday, May 10, 2010


We're leaving for China on July 29th. We have been watching DVDs and looking at books on China. I have mixed feelings about going to China. I want to stay here but I also want to have an awesome adventure going somewhere new. I never thought I'd be going somewhere this far away. At first, we thought we might end up in Europe cause my Dad lived in Germany once and it sounded really cool. Me, I wanted to live in Italy. But when I heard we were going to China, I was pretty psyched. It was really exciting since we know some people from China. I thought we could send cool stuff and show everybody what it looks like.

We'll be able to come back in the summers on school vacation. Another cool thing is that Emma and I will be going to school. I've never been to school except going to preschool and that doesn't really count! The people in the school will not be speaking Chinese because it's an International school with people from all over the world. The school is an English speaking school. I can't wait to go to China!