Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Every year we go to Mooselookmeguntic. It's a camping place on Mooselookmeguntic Lake. We usually canoe to the island to get to our camping spot. It's usually a long trip and the canoe is always so full with our luggage. Sometimes it even takes us two trips! At the camping spot, we set up. Then me and Emma usually go for a swim in the lake if it's a nice day. The lake is so cool! We also have this other small island we go to. Well first, let me tell you the story of this island. One year my Dad left his glasses in the campground office. They sent them back to us and instead of saying to the "Woodheads", they said to the "Woodbrands". So that's how the island got its' name, Woodbrand Island. Every year we canoe out to Woodbrand Island from our campsite. Once we're there, we explore a little bit to see what's changed from the last year. Then we go swimming. Jumping off the rocks is our favorite thing to do.

We like to go fishing at Mooselook too. Sometimes we sit on the rocks, sometimes we go in the boat. We usually do it in the evening.

Sadie always comes with us to Mooselook. She loves swimming and scoping out the area. When we're fishing she likes to try and get the bobber. Then for the rest of the night she's obsessed with trying to get in the water and find it. But once it's time for her to eat, she totally forgets about it.

At some point on the trip we go hiking. We usually try something different every year.

I've been going to Mooselook since I was three. I always look forward to our trip!