Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peaks Island Colonial Camp

Last summer I went to a Colonial camp on Peaks Island. Every day we'd get on the ferry with our friend Mazie and ride to Peaks Island. There we would walk to the teacher's house. They had chickens, a bunny, and a dog with blue eyes named Wallace. The teacher had three or four rows of peas in the front yard and before class we ate the peas! She also had a real outdoor clay oven. Every day we made bread to bake in the oven. She had an old-fashioned cookpot hanging over a fire. We made soup in it every day. Each day a different group would do the many jobs, like bread-making, fire-watching, soup-making or biscuit-making. We even made clover tea! After we did the cooking, we'd make crafts from colonial times like baskets, rope, aprons, and candles. On rainy days we'd have to spend some time in the house working on our projects.

I loved doing the candles and the cooking. The basket making was pretty fun but quite difficult. The last day you could bring family members to Peaks Island. We made a nice feast for everyone. We made biscuits, a chicken soup, a veggie soup, and clover tea. We also made fruit leather and spice cake. It was the best and only camp I've ever done!

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